With a strong interest in neuroscience and behaviour change stemming from a search for my own answers, my focus and skillset is on providing engaging and easy-to-understand information on the mind and brain, with a goal to improve behaviour change literacy.

Which is a very posh way of saying that I like connecting with humans, sharing science, sharing stories, and fostering postive change.

I’m an NLP Practitioner, an Acceptance and Commitment Practitioner, I’m certified in Mental Health First Aid, and certified in Neuroscience and Applied Brain Health. I’m also a totally nice person.

I believe that data and research are absolutely vital, but without the human aspect of stories and connection, it doesn’t have the same impact.

Corporate workshops

Workshops to provide your team with the science-based tools and techniques to manage stress, increase wellbeing, and improve mental health outcomes. Run collaboratively with Mental Health Faciliator, Mindset and Resilience Coach Jamie Stedman, read more here.

Binge Eating Peace

An online Zoom meetup for people ready to learn the science-based tools and techniques for eating peace. Sign up to my newsletter to stay up-to-date about upcoming workshop dates. Read more about the course here