The Paradox of Our Time (Meh).

“Have we all become so isolated, so lacking in social connection, so busy staring into our devices, that we’re forced into a relationship with a disembodied algorithm? Is that humanity’s final chapter?”

These are some of the questions posed in a recent SMH column, by a writer I’m quite fond of (although don’t know personally). But I don’t agree with everything he says, and on this particular matter my thoughts are, “Who the heck cares?” Here’s a unique and controversial idea – what if we just take care of our own business? Continue reading

Why You Must Post The Selfie

You gotsta post that selfie. That food pic. Whatever the heck you want to.

Why? Because a lot of the time – assuming you’re human – you’re worried about things. You’re trying to change bits of yourself to fit society’s mould. Or, you’re trying to change bits of yourself so that you break free of society’s mould. You’re coping with a new job, an old job, a relationship, kid troubles, money issues. Life is messy. It’s constant disruption, change, pain and growth.

Through all this chaos that we exist within for (roughly) 80 years, we have simple moments of “hey, there are bits of me that are pretty good!”, or “dang, I scrubbed up alright”, or “hey, I love the heck out of this!” Continue reading