Letters to My Ex: What’s in It for Me?

The vast majority of the writers I have contacted about the Letters to My Ex anthology have embraced the concept right away: it’s about women and connection. The letters are written to an unnamed, often male recipient, but it’s not about men at all.

A friend recently suggested it might be best to spell out the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor. Since I’ve had a few people write to me asking about payment (there’s no payment), I’m going to address this perfectly reasonable question. Continue reading

‘Shattered’: Acclaimed Violinist Doreen Cumming on Life Behind the Accolades.

First published in Orange City Life, 23 Feb 2017

Violinist Doreen Cumming has reached remarkable heights in classical music, but her toughest battle was within.

Doreen Cumming is a radiant, quick-witted and passionate violinist who has performed with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra and on a number of recordings for big-name film scores. She’s acted in all violin positions including soloist and concertmaster, and plays with a depth of skill and emotion which has impressed audiences in Asia, Europe, America and of course, Australia. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Sucks.

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, these days I think most people agree that Valentine’s Day is a bit of a toss.

No-one knows the exact origins of Valentine’s Day. There are suggestions it began in ancient Rome with the feast of Lupercalia, which occurred annually in mid-February. This feast involved naked drunken men sacrificing goats and whacking single women with the hides. After the whacking, the men randomly drew the names of single women from a jar and were ‘coupled’ with them. Continue reading

The Rhythm of Love

What’s truly important when it comes to those 3 little words?

Having been unattached for many months now, I must say, it’s nice to get the rhythm of my own life back. It isn’t nice to begin with, of course – this period is a real kick in the guts! But relationships fall apart because they are no longer good for us. Continue reading