What Can Academics and Millionaires Teach Us About Failure?

Recently, an academic by the name of Johannes Haushofer received worldwide kudos for publishing online his “CV of failures”. A professor at Princeton who teaches psychology and public affairs, Haushofer’s CV includes degree programs he didn’t get into, research funding he didn’t receive and paper rejections from academic journals.

Haushofer first wrote the CV of his failures after a friend had a professional setback, and he wanted to show support. After receiving a positive response from his friend, he thought it would be useful to make the CV public. Read More

What If You Fail?

How funny to hear the words “but what if you fail?” from a friend.

I have perhaps 80 years in total on this planet, how on earth could I ever fail? Sure, I could have projects that weren’t as successful as I would have liked. Or projects that were complete flops. But what will that matter in the long run? By long run, I mean the super long run. You know, when I’m dead. Continue reading