A Victim’s Logo

“Of all the parts of your body, be most vigilant over your index finger, for it is blame-thirsty. A pointed finger is a victim’s logo… No matter how abominable your condition may be, try not blame anything or anybody: history, the state, superiors, race, parents, the phase of the moon, childhood, toilet training, etc… The moment that you blame somewhere, you undermine your resolve to change anything.” – Joseph Brodsky. Continue reading

Magdalene—The Seven Devils

A poem by Marie Howe.

I don’t know much about Mary Magdalene, but this poem by Marie Howe is amazing. Apparently, the main description of Mary Magdalene in the Bible is in Luke, which says: “Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven devils had been cast out.” Somehow from that we turned her into a prostitute, as you do. Pope Gregory in 591 gave a sermon and referred to her as such — goodness know why — and it has stuck ever since. Continue reading

Is Free Will an Illusion?

It’s kind of disheartening when you delve deep enough into physics to come to the conclusion that free will can only be an illusion. We think we have a choice: we feel conflicted when we choose where to live, what to eat, or which pair of socks to put on of a morning. But much like the flow of time, which seems to be so undeniably real and linear but is not, our free will may be nothing more than an illusion.

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