Vain? Cool! 

I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, but the last 12 months for me have been a jumbled mix of content and complacency. I’m at that glorious age where I’ve learnt a few things: not to take people at their word too much, to be a little more selfish, to still love the fuck out of everyone anyway – as much as possible. And while that’s all well and good, within this groovy new flow, came a blatant lack of care for my appearance. Continue reading

The Smallest Thing.

Sometimes the smallest thing just gets stuck in your head, for years and years. One of mine, strangely enough, is a tiny piece of an Oprah show.

The topic was gratitude journalling, all the rage at the time. One woman got up, almost in tears, voice shaking, and said “what if I can’t think of anything to be grateful for? I tried to keep a gratitude journal, but some days I get up and the only positive thing about my life is the fact that I don’t have a headache.” Continue reading