Letters to My Ex

“I’m tired of being good. Now all I want is to be free” – Elizabeth Gilbert. 

The Purpose:
The intention of this anthology is to connect women through our words and experiences.

The guidelines:
You need to identify as a woman and can live anywhere in the world. Your letter should be non-fiction, succinct, authentic, and truly draw the reader into a small piece of your experience.

Your letter will have its own title and be addressed to an unnamed ex-lover (of any gender). It is preferred if you are willing to put your name to the piece.

What’s most important is that your letter shows “you” on the page.

Importantly, these letters are – and should be – a challenge. They not only share the emotional journey but also a piece of the story and experiences surrounding the journey.

Factors we are looking for include:

  • Authenticity and emotion.
  • The letter need not explain the full story of the relationship, but certainly will allow the reader to experience relevant parts.
  • It will show pieces of you and highlight your voice.

You can submit anonymously if you need to (prefer you didn’t, but we understand that sometimes it’s necessary).

The word count:
Your letter should be a maximum of 3,500 words. There is no minimum.

There is no payment for this project.

The deadline:
Submissions are now closed. 

Who should contribute:
This anthology is for women of any age who are heart-driven and authentic. You do not need previous writing experience.

To submit your piece, or if you have any questions, please email: letters.anthology@gmail.com.