Ada Clark: Capturing the Art of Life

First published in Discover Magazine, 1 March 2017.

Artist Ada Clark speaks with Denise Mills about self-belief, taking art off its pedestal and living an uninhibited creative life. 

Ada’s Place is an art gallery just walking distance from Millthorpe’s main drag. It’s a charming old brick building with no hint of the smattering of colour, artisanship and vibrancy contained within its walls, apart from the brightly coloured piece of pottery which sits atop the mailbox and a simple sign: Ada’s place. But perhaps just as impressive as the works of art contained within, is the strength and vivaciousness of the artist herself. Continue reading

Kim Kelly: A Dare to Write

First published in Orange City Life, 23rd March 2017

Popular author Kim Kelly speaks with Denise Mills about managing grief, anxiety, and daring herself to become the woman she is today.

Google the words “Kim Kelly Author”, and you’ll find a range of interviews from Sydney Morning Herald to Goodreads to ABC. Each of them will tell you Kim specialises in historical fiction and has published a stack of highly-regarded books (the current count is 6 novels), that she’s also an editor, and a few even mention the fact she gave her hubby one of her kidneys.

Continue reading

Doreen Cumming: The Emotion of Music

Accomplished violinist Doreen Cumming has travelled the word for her music, but her biggest journey was within.

First published in Orange City Life, 23 Feb 2017

Doreen Cumming is a radiant, quick-witted and passionate violinist who has performed with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra and on a number of recordings for big-name film scores. She’s acted in all violin positions including soloist and concertmaster, and plays with a depth of skill and emotion which has impressed audiences in Asia, Europe, America and of course, Australia. Continue reading

A Catalyst for Change

Rich Bowden talks of family, life-changes, undies on the outside and a novel approach to business. 

First published in Orange City Life, 9 February 2017.

Blayney resident Rich Bowden is the first person I’ve interviewed who made me ponder putting down the sherbies and going for a run. Not because he’s some health nut desperately trying to convince me of the wonders of the latest diet trend. In fact, that depiction couldn’t stray any further from the truth. Continue reading