Can I Get Away With This?

Modern Homo sapiens (that is, people who are roughly like we are now) first walked the Earth about 200,000 BC. Since then, more than 117 billion members of our species have been born, according to estimates by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB). 

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My Mother’s Gnome

Twice a year I made the two-hour drive to visit my hometown. Each time, I took a detour to the snake breeder’s house. The streetlight directly in front of the house draped a warm yellow glow over my silver hatchback, which idled its low hum while I sat and stared.

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How to Fuckin’ Meditate

The sentence “Just clear your mind”, as many people have been told when learning to meditate, isn’t remotely helpful. Our minds aren’t designed to be empty; they’re designed to focus.

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Living in the Now

Author of The Power of Now and A New Earth, seventy-something-year-old Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual guru who’s good buddies with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, and is arguably the most “spiritually influential” man in the modern world. I’d also like to add that despite being in his seventies he appears to be in his fifties… what is this trickery?

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The Ego Ain’t So Bad

Often given a bad rap, the Ego is necessary, to an extent. How dull would life be if we didn’t get to define our desires, our boundaries, our likes and dislikes? Where would be the fun if we could not share our ‘selfhood’ and experience the unique ‘selfhoods’ of others?

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Spirituality at the Supermarket

Like most of us, I do try to be a nice person. It’s mostly for selfish reasons, to be honest. I want to be so stable and happy within myself that no-one can bother me, or mess with the remaining shreds of my equanimity, or some shit. I can’t think of a better place to practice than the most annoying place on earth: the humble supermarket.

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Shit Elizabeth Gilbert Taught Me

I’ve read ol’ Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert twice now: the first time I read it, which was 10 years ago, I FRIGGEN HATED IT. The second time, much more recently, I LOVED IT. I have to put my emotions in

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Not Just a River

A few years ago I headed to Bourke to experience the outback of Australia, on assignment to write 10 articles about the Darling River Run. “The Run” is a 730km drive bookended by the townships of Brewarrina in the north, and Wentworth

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My Own Two Feet

My mother hated feet. In her opinion, it was acceptable that they existed, but unless sleeping or showering they should be tucked away, hidden from the world inside a nice pair of shoes.

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