Author: Denise Mills

Perrottet’s Accelerated Freedoms are about Anything But Mental Health

The new NSW premier wasted no time announcing an accelerated easing of the state’s COVID-19 lockdown last week, citing the economy, health, and mental health as the key reasons for the change. For anyone who’s suffered poor mental health over the last two years, hearing the government toss in the term ‘mental health’ as part of their decision making seems more than a little disingenuous.

A Trip to the City

A Trip to the City

It is early morning on a gloomy, windy day. Country girl (ahem) is standing at the bus stop in the city, one hand holding a large suitcase which seems to continuously want to tip over, the other holding a much needed coffee, laptop bag handle over forearm, and umbrella held in place with right armpit. She is anxiously awaiting the bus, which never comes. Did I mention it had started raining?

Holden Sheppard: ‘You have a lot of influences which, through osmosis, are sending you the message that this isn’t going to work out for you’

When Holden Sheppard answers my phone call on a Monday morning, I’m surprised he sounds so damn normal. Given his selfie-taking, extroverted style on social media, often shirtless or sporting a brightly coloured mohawk (now removed, but temporarily replaced by a Freddie Mercury-esque moustache, because as explained on Twitter he looks like a “HIDEOUS DEMON BABY TWINK BOY” without it), I expected something different, although I’m not sure exactly what.

Spirituality at the Supermarket

Like most of us, I do try to be a nice person. It’s mostly for selfish reasons, to be honest. I want to be so stable and happy within myself that no-one can bother me, or mess with the remaining shreds of my equanimity, or some shit. I can’t think of a better place to practice than the most annoying place on earth: the humble supermarket.

Dana Sibera: ‘It’s Not All About Mindfulness’

Dana looks peaceful as she waits for me outside the library of her hometown in Bathurst. She’s staring at something – the birds, or maybe the trees – as I approach, rushing due to a mini-traffic jam I had not anticipated. Less than a decade ago our simple chat would not have happened, back when Dana’s agoraphobia, anxiety and depression caused her to retreat into herself for almost fifteen years.

John Swan: A ‘Fortunate’ Life

When John “Swanee” Swan takes my phone call he answers with a surprising “Hey girl!”, even though we’ve spoken only once before. I suspect this level of familiarity is something he offers everyone, not just yours truly, since his passion these days is found not at the bottom of a bottle, or even while holding a microphone, but in the simple act of connecting with another human.

Angry Anderson: ‘This Is Why I Accept the Wisdom of the Divine’

Being on the wrong side of 30, I’m very familiar with Gary “Angry” Anderson. Particularly his place in the music world as the loud-mouthed front man of Rose Tattoo, his crazy “bad boy” days, his charity work and youth advocacy. But before our interview last week, I had no idea of the deep-seated spiritual beliefs that form the crux of the man known as Angry.

Not Just a River

Not Just a River

A few years ago I headed to Bourke to experience the outback of Australia, on assignment to write 10 articles about the Darling River Run. “The Run” is a 730km drive bookended by the townships of Brewarrina in the north, and Wentworth…