About Me

Hello! Welcome! 

I’m a writer and speaker whose focus is on mindfulness, behaviour change and the brain. I’m also a human fascinated by the beauty and fragility of life.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about how to actually “do” life, searching for a book, a guru, or words of wisdom that would give me that “ah-ha” moment I desired, leaving me miraculously transformed and living my best life. Ha! 

Over time, I found that there is no guru, or magic combination of words… what a bummer. But I did find that mindfulness was the pivotal first step in becoming “unstuck”, and that my thoughts played a big part in the shape of my world. 

As a consequence, I dived head-first into discovering the tools, techniques, and the science of mindfulness. I became an NLP Practitioner, an Acceptance and Commitment Practitioner, was certified in Mental Health First Aid, and I undertook professional development in Neuroscience and Applied Brain Health. This was a big change from my “past life” as a Chartered Accountant, and a welcome one. 

While I learnt a lot of useful information from my studies, particularly the neuroscience and ACT, I don’t believe any piece of paper has more value than real life experience. I’ve conversed with enough coaches, practitioners and therapists in my stressed-out 30s to say this with a level of certainty (I even tried a hypnotist… now there’s a story).

On this website you’ll find that I write a little bit about the science of mindfulness, and a lot about my own personal experience of living a messy, wonderful, terrible, fully-appreciated life. I figure there are enough clickable-listables and “how-to” articles out there (holy shit there are thousands), and what we need is a little more imperfection and realness. 

I continue to learn new things each day and expand my own ideas about what it means to live an authentic, creative, and values-driven life.

I’ve also included on this website interviews I’ve done with people who’ve embarked on interesting life shifts. I love their everyday wisdom, and these people remind me that there are many paths to living well and creating change.

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You can also contact me via email at denise[dot]livecw[at]gmail[dot]com