Will Feminism Ruin Father’s Day?

Apparently, those nasty feminists are trying to get rid of Father’s Day. It’s all over the internet, so it must be true. The eloquent responses to these feminazi attempts to ruin our planet vary from “Ya’ll want equality, but remember ladies, chivalry is dyin’ because feminism is killin’ it”, to the more dramatic bogan response of “give them all a bag of cement.” Charming.

A quick google search will tell you this:



A person who supports feminism.



The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men.

When one or two irrational humans, who happen to call themselves feminists (clearly without understanding the word) publicly state their dim-witted idea that we should ban Father’s Day because it’s “offensive”, surely we can be smart enough to realise that they actually aren’t feminists? They are simply a couple of bogans with a terrible idea.

Yet, even the television shows such as Sunrise, who should know better, love to get on board. I’m not sure if they ran a segment on it because I don’t watch the show (don’t go much on Kochie… cos I’m a man-hating feminist n’ stuff), but I’d say they probably would have. However, I did see the poll they ran on Facebook: “People have said Father’s Day is offensive and should be renamed ‘Special Person’s Day’. Do you agree?”

Of course, then people like Cement Bloke and Chivalry Guy come out of the woodworks and get up in arms about the stupid feminist agenda, and plenty of female bogans get on board, too. Yes, I’m not being nice. But a spade is a spade, a bogan is a bogan. The good thing is, if you educate yourself you don’t have to stay a bogan.

As for Sunrise, you mob of clickbaity scumbags, lift your game.

I recall once reading about a so-called “feminist” who was angry about men complimenting her on her brightly dyed hair. “No, I don’t care if you like my hair,” she wrote. “I did not colour it for you.” To me, she’s not a feminist – she’s a bit of a jerk. I hope she holds similar rules for women not being allowed to compliment her glaringly bright hair, otherwise she sounds quite a lot like a misandrist.  

But before you get up in arms about “well what are men supposed to do? We don’t know whether women want doors open or compliments anymore… this is why chivalry is dead!” I would say just use your common sense. If you want to be a person who expresses compliments or opens doors and you feel as though that’s a good way to “human”, then do it.  I open doors for people, I won’t stop if someone gets offended by it.

You can’t please everyone, and that goes for both genders. There will always be humans who walk around being outraged or offended. Maybe listen to them on occasion, see if their opinions are valid (we can always learn something when we remain open), but ultimately you have to live with yourself. You have to do right by you.

The worst thing to do, would to be to declare dejectedly that women have made you this way, you just have no idea what to do anymore so you’re going to use that as an excuse to behave poorly and pour hatred on feminism.

It’s safe to say that ruining Father’s Day isn’t on the agenda for any true feminist. Not a single one. But for some reason, when a crazy person labels themselves a feminist much of the population seems to assume they are speaking for all feminists. Please stop. It makes you just as idiotic as the people wanting to ban Father’s Day.

6 thoughts on “Will Feminism Ruin Father’s Day?

  1. Steven Nicholls says:

    My daughter asked me a couple of days ago when Father’s Day is. My reply was “Everyday that I get to see you and your brother”. Good luck with people taking “Father’s Day” away from me.


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