7 Thoughts for the Day

1. We can hold an instant in time in our hands with a photograph, and we can hold hours of time in our hands with a DVD. How fuckin’ weird is that?

2. The planets are moving further apart from each other at an increasing rate as space expands. If it’s just the continuation of the big bang, why is it speeding up not slowing down? Scientists don’t know and I think that’s COOL.

3. Because of space we carve objects into separate identities and give things their own names and attributes. Yet we ignore space most of the time when without it, there would be nothing to name. Poor ol’ space.

4. All objects can be labelled for what they are for only for a certain period in time. Rather than objects they are ‘becomings’: A rock is becoming several smaller rocks, is becoming dust… the bits of matter change but they don’t go away. I read that somewhere and I cunt stop thinking about it (excuse typo).

5. How odd that we humans began as these creatures who crawled out of the primordial ooze, a small part of the whole, who managed to get smart enough to attempt – through science and maths – to not only define ourselves but also the entire universe we have evolved from. Audacious!

6. Telephones and live communication like Facetime cut through space as though it isn’t there at all. Is that not weird? We humans are fuckin’ awesome with our space-cutting creations.

7. Pi goes on infinitely and by looking at the circumference divided by the diameter of any circle, some nerdy dude out there can continue to add new numbers. Does this nerdy person exist? If so, what is their job title?

That is all.

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