The 90s: When Music Mattered

After the sudden passing of Chris Cornell at age 52 I had to go on a massive 90s music binge. Back when music was synonymous with magic, meaning and mm… talent. It was both delightful and saddening, because I can’t help but compare it to what is played on the radio now. 

I started with Audioslave, my favourite of Chris Cornell’s bands.  It’s technically early 2000s, but I’m still including it as 90s because it came from the same awesome period where music mattered, and it wasn’t commercialised, synthesized soft-porn bullshit.

Who did that? Who killed the good music and turned it to utter crap?

I know everyone says the younger generation’s music is shit, no matter what era they grew up with – but for realz, let’s be serious here. How can the Katy Perrys, Rhiannons and that rapper dude who’s married to that Kardashian ever compare to this?

I heard Selina Gomez making strange and pained noises the other day, “Eh, Oh, Ah, Eh, Oh.” It was apparently a song. I think she’s probably a nice girl, and I have a soft spot for her because she dated Justin Beiber, and no-one should have to go through that. But that ain’t music, love.

Next in my 90s binge I was onto Pearl Jam. Seemed like the logical choice since Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder were good friends, I believe.

I watched a creepy number of repeats of Eddie Vedder in the 90s, singing State of Love and Trust in his little hat with those eyes and that jacket and those pants… And then, Eddie Vedder singing Black. “How quick the sun can drop away….” Back to Audioslave, I am The Highway. Such a comforting song, so many memories and I’m instantly back where I was when I first heard it.

Here’s to the days when music mattered.

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