Welcome to the Swap Meet.

The other day I wrote about my big “Summer Clean”, which resulted in the discovery that I am a closet stationery addict, a black t-shirt-aholic and a Tupperware fanatic. The aftermath of all this, of course, was a good old fashioned garage sale.

What I discovered was this: a combined garage sale is perhaps not the best way to get rid of your unwanted goods. Unless, of course, you don’t mind selling a little and buying a little, in equal measure.

I could have avoided this issue by just running a garage sale by myself, but I didn’t have quite enough “stuff”. Also, how boring would that be? I asked my lovely neighbour if she’d like add her unwanted belongings and join me and thankfully, she was keen. In turn, she asked her mother to join us, who had heaps of “stuff”, as well as another friend who recently moved in down the road.

And then there were four.

After lunch time hit, Jan offered around some champagne and homemade chocolate brownies. I couldn’t have champagne since the slightest amount gives me headaches, but brownies – yes please, gimme! Feeling nice and relaxed from our feasting and chatting, the unavoidable happened – we started perusing each other’s stuff.

It started innocently enough: Jan had a bread-maker that was only $5. I repeat: it was only $5! I’d always wanted to make my own bread – and at that price even if it turns out not to be my kinda thing, it’s no great loss. Danica perused the kids books I had for sale which were just right for her very astute daughter, particularly at the bargain price of $1 each. Meanwhile, Jan spotted a chunky necklace which took her fancy, and she really needed a new lettuce spinner. Kel’s husband popped by for a visit and put a bid in for the dingy Danica’s husband had for sale.

We had some real-life customers, too – but the inter-entity trading was rife. We weren’t running a garage sale; it was the Millthorpe swap-meet.

After four hours of sun and conversation, we went back to our respective homes with our new goodies. I stopped at the bread-maker and am thankful I refrained from a glass of alcohol, which not only saved me a headache but surely would have rendered my shopping-inhibitions useless.

It was a stroke of good fortune there was not a black t-shirt to be seen, nor any stationery. There was some Tupperware available for purchase, but I truly have learnt my lesson. Besides, my container cupboard is so fantastic these days, I force friends to come to my place just to look at it. That said, all day today I’ve been thinking about Kel’s clothing rack. Wouldn’t it just be perfect for my spare room?

It was such a great day we have all vowed to do it again.

Swap meet, anyone?

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