Beware of Capitalist Hippies

Last Friday I went to an introductory Transcendental Mediation session. TM has been around for a while, but has recently resurfaced as a bit of a trend. Renowned for being  ‘effortless’, and promoting stillness of mind, I still don’t actually know what the heck it involves.

TM is popular among celebrities like Marianne Williamson, and my current boyfriend Hugh Jackman…Read more

4 thoughts on “Beware of Capitalist Hippies

  1. Davy D says:

    A nice post Denise. Add to the list Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence etc. All these areas have been hijacked by the capitalists. The genuine people who are skilled and devoted to helping people are becoming harder to find.

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  2. Paul Randall says:

    The price has gone up since I did TM back in the late 70s. 300 bucks then, as I recall. Still, I liked the practice, even though virtually all my friends ridiculed me. Remember that you have never experienced anything real or imagined apart from your own mind, so mind-work is not silly or irrelevant. But as Denise points out, watch out for the rip-off artists.


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