High School Reunion

I’m not going to lie. I thought high school was awful.

There were huge segregations between the cool girls, the bully girls, the popular girls, the normal girls, and the nerdy girls. I had no idea where I belonged in this mix. I could eliminate the popular girl category, but as for the rest, they were all up for grabs.

I floated around from one group to another, smoking with the bullies, chatting briefly with the normal girls, sitting with the nerdy girls, then over to the boy side of the school.

Back then, sitting alone was social suicide.

The boy segregations seemed just as harsh, albeit simpler. Jocks and nerds. If there was another category, I wasn’t aware of its existence. I completely avoided the jock boys, and befriended a few of the nerds. Most of them actually weren’t very nerdy, but had a quirky sense of humour that made sense to me.

We had an unusual mix of teachers, to say the least. I was petrified of Mrs R (name not shown to avoid potential defamation case), who had a nasty habit of throwing chairs at students. Mr E annoyed me because I had this strange desire to actually learn something, rather than just copy words out of a textbook. Then there was the peroxide blonde history teacher who gave me a C for a group presentation. The only C I’ve ever received in my life – it almost killed me. The high-heeled minx gave the popular boys who could hardly grunt out complete sentences all As.

I’m still bitter.

There were good teachers, too. My English teacher Mrs Wellington was the shiz. The maths teacher who rode a motorbike was very lubly, or so I thought at the time. There was also a very nice geography teacher who made me want to crawl under my desk and hide, by constantly handing out merit awards. Seriously? I’m trying to be invisible here. Stop ruining my life.

Best of all, we were referred to as “the flea school”. Apparently there was an infestation at some point. Yep, it was ultra-prestigious, and totes fun (note sarcasm). And yet, I’m the one who’s organising the 20 year reunion.

So why the heck am I doing that, you ask? (you didn’t ask, I know. But let me tell you).

During our high school years, we have no friggin’ idea who we are. Instead of trying to find out, we look to our peers. “Who exactly do you want me to be? What is acceptable here?” On that basis, as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t actually met most of my fellow flea-school peeps. I’d love to see how everyone’s blossomed into who they really are.

I don’t care what jobs people have, how many kids, if they’re married or single. The competitive side of high school reunions doesn’t interest me in the slightest. But if you’re a good human who happened to go to the same shitty school at the same shitty time, it might be nice to have a chat.

I’m really looking forward to it!

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