About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my blog.

It’s funny how we tell the story of who we are with an answer of what we do. I think it would be far more relevant to tell you the most inspiring book I’ve read, my favourite colour, how I spend my spare time, or the music that makes my heart soar.

That said, I’ll start the normal way.

I split my work between two worlds: I’m a part-time employee with a local print publication Orange City Life, where my work involves long-form interviews, a weekly column, and feature articles; and I’m also a freelance writer.

My freelance work includes writing for various online publications, with a strong focus on storytelling in the genres of both fiction and non-fiction. I am also a Huffington Post contributor and have featured in Elephant JournalFeminartsyFeminine Collective, and many more online publications.

My past lives would have defined me as chartered accountant, teacher and university lecturer, and while many of these roles were great, there is nothing quite like the freedom of words.

Writing allows me to meander in all the worlds I love: be it meeting new people and discovering their unique quirks and our inherent sameness; exploring new and old paradigms in science; delving into the economic foundations behind policy and politics; or spiritual concepts such as Buddhism and the radical notion of practicing unapologetic self-love.

Here in this blog, I try to keep it light and share musings about the little idiosyncrasies, silliness and loveliness of ordinary life. I also may occasionally delve into the beauty of science because I’m a little obsessed.

I hope you enjoy it!

You can find out more about me here:


(Oh, and the answers are: A Fortunate Life by Albert Facey; purple; researching something interesting; and Pink Floyd.)