About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my blog.

It’s funny how we tell the story of who we are with an answer of what we do. I think it would be more relevant to tell you the most inspiring book I’ve read, my favourite colour, how I spend my spare time, or the music that makes my heart soar.

That said, I’ll start the normal way.

I work as a writer, part-time with local print magazine Orange City Life and part-time freelance. I’ve written for various online publications including Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, Feminartsy and plenty more.

The topics I focus on are: people, connection, our inherent (often hidden) sameness in the ways the navigate our way through the world. I’m also fascinated by science as well as the bones of what makes up our society: religion, culture and the ego.


You can find out more about me here, if you want (or just email me):


(Oh, and the answers are: A Fortunate Life by Albert Facey; purple; reading; and Pink Floyd.)